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"A monitoring system for the Elderly, Alzheimer's, Sleepwalkers,
Post Surgical Patients and Children used to alert the need for assistance."
"Falls Prevention Programs & Wandering Patients" Patented - USA

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Love Connection® Patient Monitors

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Remote Wireless Monitor
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Private Homes
Alzheimer's Patients
Nursing Homes
Residentail Care Facilities
Post Surgical Patients
Other Locations
Bed Monitor
Bed or Chair Monitor
• bed or wheelchair alarm
• call button / cord
• remote wireless alarm
• adjustable connecting strap
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(includes applicable taxes and shipping)  
Fastens to bed headboard
with a 1 inch spring clip.
• Helps prevent falls, accidents,
and injuries
Fastens to bed headboard or
a chair with heavy duty velcro
• No Monthly fees or subscriptions
monitor / alarm
• Completely independent system
monitor / alarm
call button / cord

• Useful for hearing impaired caregivers

call button / cord
adjustable connecting strap

• Uses 9 Volt & AA DC Batteries

adjustable connecting strap
Price $69.95

• Portable

Price $69.95
(includes applicable taxes and shipping)

Parts, Service, Warranty

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Order     for  $69.95 

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• How Love Connections® MonitorsWork

For whom Love Connection® Monitors
were designed

Background of the Invention
Wheelchair Monitor
Expander Unit
• monitor / alarm
• call button / cord
adjustable connecting strap
• Price $69.95
(includes applicable taxes and shipping)
Order     for  $69.95 

Fastens to wall with velcro

•Alarm $39.95 ( Inc. 25 ft. cord)
Additional alarms can be added in
series to extend the range of coverage.
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Background of the invention
Love Connection® Monitors were made out of necessity when my family was faced with providing home care for our terminally ill mother. As a licensed nursing home and hospital administrator, I was acutely aware that there were no monitoring systems available to enable patients and families to cope and manage at home. The constant 24-hour personal care demands -- though seemingly insurmountable, were made possible with Love Connection® Monitors. Therefore, after inventing this product and using it successfully, I made it available to the public. Love Connection® is designed to be flexible. It allows the caregiver to move about confidently both within and outside the house while keeping close tabs on the individual being monitored. It is designed for use in private homes, nursing homes, residential care facilities and hospitals (in conjunction with falls prevention programs and for patients who wander around).
For whom Love Connection® Monitors were designed
Love Connection® Monitors were designed to address the dilemma of caregivers that are often tethered to a very small area and close range due to the constant demands of the one for whom they are caring. If the caregiver has to leave the room, even briefly, he or she often becomes anxious and worried that the individual being cared for may try to get off the bed without assistance and injure themselves. Other caregivers need to keep tabs on post surgical patients, children, or individuals who tend to wander during the night e.g., sleepwalkers, elderly or Alzheimer's patients. Many individuals become disoriented
and need close monitoring.
How Love Connection® Monitors work

Love Connection® Monitors provide an audible and visual alarm system used to monitor the status of a person in another room. The alarm is designed so that individuals being monitored are not required to contemplate the need for assistance. The alarm is activated by either of two ways: 1.) The Connecting Strap, or 2.) Call Button. The connecting strap is intended for individuals who are not required to contemplate and enunciate their need for assistance. The alarm is activated when the individual to whom the connecting strap is attached moves forward and out of the range of safety. The call button and cord are available on all models. Any number of additional expander units (wall units) can be plugged in to extend the monitoring range. DC batteries power the alarm system, thereby making it completely safe from electrical shock. There are no subscriptions, no monthly fees, and no outside monitoring services involved. This is a complete system. The Remote Wireless Monitor enables the caregiver to monitor the individualfrom a greater distance (outside the home or down thehallway) as the monitor is attached to the caregiver's belt or clothing.

The Elderly

Love Connection® Monitors are excellent for monitoring the status of individuals who may need assistance. Elderly people naturally want to remain independent when it comes to personal care issues, and consequently, failure to call for the necessary assistance places them at risk. They are often too frail to get up and out of bed without assistance. Getting out of the bed or chair, without assistance, can result in serious injury to an elderly person -- perhaps breaking a hip or becoming entangled in a bedside rail. Many elderly individuals have to get up several times during the night, thereby depriving the caregiver of necessary rest. Using Love Connection®, Monitors, the caregiver can once again have peace of mind and freedom of movement,as he or she is no longer tethered to the individual's bedside. The portable feature of Love Connection® Monitors allows the caregiverand patient to travel and maintain a more normal and less restrictive lifestyle. A unique feature ofLove Connection® Monitors is that the alarm has two ways of activation. The individual being monitored can simply press the call for assistance. When the call button is pressed, the caregiver knows by the type of signal that the person is consciously calling for assistance. The alarm will automatically sound if the individual moves out of position or out of the bed or chair where the person is being monitored.

Alzheimer's Patients
Approximately 4,000,000 Americans currently suffer from Alzheimer's disease. These individuals require close monitoring. As the disease progresses, they require closer monitoring as they tend to get out of bed and wander around -- sometimes leaving the home. Other family members often do not know that the individual has gotten out of bed until after he/she has left home and become missing. Love Connection®Monitors enable the care giver to closely monitor individuals without having to be in the same room. The wireless remote monitor allows the caregiver to venture outside the home and work in the garden while monitoring an individual. The greater freedom of movement relieves the caregiver's stress and helps him/her to cope with the tremendous demands of caring for the patient.
Sleepwalkers often place themselves at risk by getting out of bed and even leaving the house without their caregiver's knowledge. Family members usually do not know when the sleepwalker is up and when they may be in danger. Parents and spouses of sleepwalkers have difficulty relaxing or sleeping, as they are very much aware of the dangers posed by those who sleepwalk. Love Connection®Monitors are most effective in alerting one to the dangers posed by sleepwalkers. There are no other monitors currently available for similar use.
Some children tend to get out of bed during the night and quietly wander around the bedroom or house. Love Connection® Monitors enable the parent or baby-sitter to know if the child changed his/her position in bed or has gotten out of bed. This device can be used in conjunction with other monitors or alarms that signal only sounds. This patient monitoring system is intended for children twelve years and older and is not recommended for younger children.
Post Surgical Patients

Love Connection® Monitors have been used very successfully to monitor post-surgical patients who return home following day surgery or regular discharge from a hospital. Assistance is often needed when such patients are still taking pain medication or have limitations on walking. Patients can consciously call for assistance by pressing the call button orthe caregiver can be alerted by the patient's movement from the bed or chair

Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and Residential Care Facilities
Love Connection® Monitors can be effectively utilized in hospitals, nursing homes, and residential care facilities alongside the traditional call cord systems in conjunction with their "falls prevention program" and for patients who wander around. Traditional systems require one, to a large degree, to be coherent, alert, and able to contemplate and enunciate his/her need for assistance. This system works for both coherent and incoherent patients. Alert patients press the call button for assistance, while movement forward automatically signals the need for assistance.
Service and Warranty


One year's limited warranty -- All services required on this product are provided for a period of one year. To obtain service, the complete unit must be returned to the address below. The cost of replacement parts will be charged to purchaser after six months from purchase date. Proof of purchase date must accompany the service request

Domestic and international distributorships are available.
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